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Apparel merchandising – T shirt Printing business

Do you think about t shirt printing business? T shirt printing is the most profitable business now days. We use quality t shirt printing machine to complete your t shirt printing where you will get screen print,high density print,photo print,foil print and sublimation print. Apparel merchandising will help to know exact price or final costing of that a complete apparel which is for sale. Today we will share apparel merchandising of t shirt printing and sewing. Are you looking for shirt design or t shirt design ideas then feel free to contact us of any question or production support, our customer manager will try to provide a best solution. For any question or help – [email protected] or whats app +8801624120551 
We support our buyers to develop their desire t shirt making and t shirt printing as per requirement. Our priority is to develop their t shirt design and t shirt quality with targeted price. It is very important to understand sale of t shit target market demand and purchasing power. To increase high sale of t shirt should have a good idea of t shirt design.More of customer response on unique and creative t shirt design. Secondly for high sale of t shirt, quality of t shirt design,Sewing and price will be appropriate for target selling market. To get a lowest price of t shirt, You should think of high quantity. Although final price or costing will be depend on fabrics quality,accessories quality,sewing type and quantity.  Average quality t shirt price starts from 1$ to 2.5$ with t shirt printing. Complete T shirt printing indicates fabrics,sewing and printing of t shirt. Final price or costing of t shirt depend on quality and quantity.

It’s also very important to us that our honorable customers can create good position of t shirt selling to their targeted market place. It means we like to support for growth of t shirt printing business. It’s a win –win situation for both of us so that we create a comfortable business environment. In this apparel sector, opportunity of investment is very high. Try to target a good narrow market and also understand the trends. Where you can add motu patlu cartoon print on kids t shirt and marvel hero print for teen age people.    

Fabrics and Accessories

T shirt printing & Embroidery

Cutting & Sewing

Stock Lot Sourcing

Production Idea of T shirt

Fabrics and accessories are the main raw materials for developing t shirt printing project. Good quality of raw materials will help to develop perfect t shirt which is highly comfortable for customer and help to increase sale of t shirt. Most of customer prefer cotton t shirt and cotton shirt for personal use. They also prefer classy or solid t shirt design. A smart t shirt design play role for high sales. Lets talk about production cost of t shirt printing. 

Production and sourcing are the key components to complete this process. We have a good list of fabric production house and textile agencies. As per requirement of fabric, we develop perfect tone and GSM/ounce for t shirt production purpose. Fabrics knitting and fabrics dyeing will help to develop a final required fabrics.As per requirement, we will yarn dyeing before final fabrics production which depend on overall fabrics requirement.It mean where we bring a perfect color tone and quality by yarn dyeing. Cotton fabric is the perfect raw materials for cotton t shirt. In terms of comfort and durability, cotton t shirt are perfect for both men,women and kids.Most of people prefer cotton fabrics as their wardrobe solution.   

Part 1. Production: Best fabrics production house or textile agencies sourcing is the primary task of this project. We will help to develop required fabrics quality and colo for t shirt printing project. Usually fabrics are comes from Natural Plant, Animals and Man-made. Fibers,Yarns,Filaments are the prime raw materials to construct desire fabrics. Knitting,weaving and dyeing of fabric is the common process to full fill fabrics requirement. Lets introduce with many type of fabric which is the source of raw fabric. This are the Fabrics pattern type where will get a idea various type of fabrics. Example,  













i). For Mix fabric construction final fabric will be 85% cotton and 15% Polyester.  

ii). For Denim Long Pant ,Final denim fabric will be 95% Cotton and 5% Stretch.  .

100 % Cotton



2*2 Lycra rib

Lycra single jersey

Viscose Lycra

Double lacoste

Plain Interlock

100% Polyester

Grey melange

In garments production purpose we use different type of fabrics for different item. Common fabrics pattern are Knit,Woven,Twill, Denim,Jersey , Lycra, Nylon and Polyesters Fabrics. Now we will give you a basic idea that which fabrics will use for which item.

Commonly uses Fabrics and Item

         1.         Knit

Tshirt, Polo Shirt,Hoodie, Joggers and Trouser,Tank Top, Leggings, , Boxer shorts,

         2.        Woven

Shirt, half Pant  (inner), Ladies Long Shirt,Panjabi , Fotua, kabli Panjabi, Blazer

         3.        Twill

Chino /Gabardine Pant, Cargo Pant, Cap

         4.        Denim

Pant, Shirt, Jacket ,Skirt, Ramper

         5.       Jersey

Sports Wear ,Track Suit, Player Jersey and Pant,

         6.       Nylon

Backpack, Duffel bag, Hoodie Jacket

         7.       Polyesters

Rain Coat, Jacket, Tie

         8.       Terry Fleece

Swipe Shirt, Joggers, Hoodie, Fleece

         9.       Pk fabrics

Polo Shirt, Tshirt (ban or Round Collar)

       10.       Lycra

T shirt Rib, Polo Shirt Rib,Jacket Rib

       11.      Special Type

 Hat ,Woven Bag ,Ball Gown,

1.2. Sourcing: Second process to collect desire fabrics of t shirt printing project is sourcing quality fabrics from local market. Bangladesh has many local fabric market like Gazipur, Narayangong, Islampur and Chittagong as well. Mainly they collect fabrics many of textile company where they produce common type fabrics as local market demand. Also they have surplus fabrics of garments, import from China and India. Its very tough to source exact quantity and color of your desire fabrics. It will slightly vary color and quantity. If you think of short production purpose of t shirt then you can go for local market sourcing. 

In this process, you need to provide sample of t shirt or that garments item to us which you want to produce for sale. Then as per your sample fabric of t shirt, we will collect t shirt fabric from our local market. Its very tough to get same to same fabrics ,Color and Gsm. After sample collection, We will send 4 to 6 Sample SOS or fabric cutting parts to your office address. 

Important: Sometimes it will vary to light and deep color, higher or lower GSM, Slightly higher or lower quality of fabric tone. 

Part 2. Pattern and Cutting: Pattern in the most important part task of garments or t shirt printing project of production. For cutting garments pattern, we always follow your direction. It mean you need to provide exact size guide and measurement chart of t shirt or garments item which want to produce . With that provided information of body width, length, sleeve measurement and collar size. We will be able to develop perfect pattern of garments item.

Variation of pattern depend on Kids,Men and Women. Common size guide for Top part (Body /Shirting) XXS,XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL. Bottom Part (Pant Waist size) 26,28,30,32,34,36,38,40,42,44,46,48,50.

Any Question/Suggestion?

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Details Overview of Tshirt

Printed, Embroidery, Fabrics , contrast t shirt
Printing Methods:
Silk Screen Printing, Hi Density print , Photo Print, Sublimation Print, Foil Print
Place of Origin:
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Brand Name:
As per your requirement
Anti-pilling, Anti-Shrink, Anti-wrinkle, Breathable, Eco-friendly, Plus Size, QUICK DRY.
O Neck, V Neck, Y Neck and many more.
Fabric Weight:
120 GSM to 250+ gSm
100% Cotton, Polyster Mix Fabrics, Viscose fabric,Sweat fabrics and many more
Sleeve Style:
Sleeve less,Short sleeve or Long Sleeve
Autumn, Summer, Spring
Multi Color
Packing details:
we can also do OEM/ODM packing as customers’ requirements
Lead Time : Quantity(Pack)          1 – 100 (Est. Time(days)                15)          >100 (To be negotiated)
Payoneer, LC, TT

Measurement of T shirt

Part 3. Sample Develop and submit: In this sample developing process , we would develop two pis t shirt item as work sample. First pis sample will send to your location and second sample will stored in our sample section. After getting your garments samp

e, you need to check Fabrics Quality, Measurement and Sewing. It mean you can check overall quality of your sample t shirt item before final production. Please feel free to share comments or any suggestion to develop of that sample of t shirt again. Its very very Important to complete a perfect sample of t shirt or garments item. 

Part 4. Final Costing: Final Price based on some important factors like Quantity, Accessories,quantity and shipment cost. We will try to give you a clear idea of your final cost in this article. You need to know variation costing of t shirt printing project like final costing of solid t shirt or costing with print. You can also add embroider , Collar or any type of accessories like wooden logo or steel logo.  

Accessories : To collect your garments accessories are same as like Fabrics production and Sourcing. We will manage your accessories as per your garments requirement. Here is a list of garments accessories like Thread,Zipper,Interlining,Buttons,Label,Pocketing fabric,Elastic,Ribbon,Rivet and Collar bone. Example. For jacket production, you need extra jacket rib which will added on jacket cuff and bottom side of jacket to cover full waist side.  

Shipment Cost : We will provide you a complete packaging list your total garments like per pis weight of t shirt or required garments and how many products in 1 cartoon and total cartoon number. We can also provide CBM of your total cartoon and each cartoon Height, Length and weight.   



3.Cutting & Sewing

4.QC & Finishing

5.Delivery Charge

Idea of Total Costing

Sample Costing

Final Costing is most important part for our honorable customers for making a good decision of t shirt printing project before production. We always  committed to provide a market competitive price so that you can create a good position on your target market.

Price of t shirt printing project is almost depend on quality and quantity. Feel free to share us about your target market,We will Suggest you a perfect combination of quality, quantity and pricing segment. Our merchandiser team are highly professional to make your garments item’s cost perfectly which is also known as apparel merchandising .You can select price base target market or quality base target market.Usually Indian,Philippines and Cambodian buyers are interested to work on a price basis target market. 

Have a look on this sample costing sheet, you will get a confirm idea of final costing pattern of t shirt printing project.Which types of cost need to bear on t shirt printing production project?.Here is a list of costing where we provide you a step by step costing so that you will get a pin point idea of your t shirt printing project cost.

Print,Embroidery & Wash

Shirt design or t shirt design can make your garments attractive. Basically we use printing, embroidery and various type of way to decorate  shirt design or t shirt design. A good t shirt design can increase sales higher and higher. We will help to develop any design on your t shirt design. We have a professional graphics designer team who create perfect vector design for t shirt which is creative. Comfort is the highest priority of t shirt printing project. We ensure cotton percentage of fabrics and make a perfect pattern for comfort zone. For making t shirt pattern, we follow slim fit, regular fit and free style. We concern of each CM measurement of body, length and sleeve.         

T shirt Printing: This segment is to decorate garments product. You can think to print on body part,back part,Sleeve part or all over printing.Popular print on tshirt are Screen Print, Hi Density print , Photo Print, Sublimation Print, Block Print, Foil print and many more. Sublimation print also known as digital print on t shirt. Print on cotton is a good segment of t shirt printing. To develop a complete player jersey need to add sublimation print with it.Digital print on jersey is becoming a trendy product on summer. Many people like their favorite club jersey like Barcelona, Real Madrid,Manchester united and many more. Club jersey and away jersey is popular t shirt item of their fan zone.   

Embroidery: Panjabi, Polo Shirt,Jersey and Jacket are the common item for embroidery design. You can add embroidery design as your company logo in t shirt or shirt design. Heavy embroidery design is used to women dress. Most of time we need to add embroidery design before sewing with the cutting parts of t shirt or polo shirt.Famous logo of many football club like Barcelona, Real Madrid,Manchester united and many more are the common item which need add with jersey.         

Wash: Garments wash means where we clean and wash garments item after sewing. There are many type of wash which you can use to decorate denim shirt design. Common wash types are Rinse Wash,Enzyme wash,Stone wash,Caustic wash,Acid wash,Random bleach wash,Ice-or Snow wash,Tinting,Net bleach,Resin wash,Milk wash and Cold Pigment wash. For Denim long pant, We follow light and deep wash policy. Denim pant fabrics and sewing remain same but you can bring a unique design through washing denim long pant where customer get various option buying a product.

Report/Measurement: We are very careful about washing segment where we provide a report of before and after washing measurement of that garments.It means Most of fabrics will shrink or stretch after wash. So we will provide that after wash measurement of that garments product.With this washing shrink or stretch result , We will calculate final consumption of fabrics. 

Variation on T shirt

There are many of variation when selecting shirt design or t shirt design. Before we share about variation on t shirt printing , t shirt embroidery and t shirt washing design.Now you also think of variation on t shirt collar , t shirt sleeve and fitting t shirt. Lets discuss a clear idea of t shirt design. 

T shirt collar: Variation on t shirt collar design can give different-different look of t shirt design. So you can pick right collar style for right target customer. Popular t shirt collar style is crew neck t shirt,V neck t shirts,Henley t shirt,Polo shirt design and Scoop neck t shirt . Here is a list of common collar design of t shirt. 

Crew neck t shirt :  This type of t shirt also known as round neck t shirt. It will fit on your neck perfectly.Narrow faces and sloped shoulders with round collar give a very simple and classy look. Round neck t shirt is highly comfortable and easy to use. This round neck t shirt is suitable as ladies t shirt, men t shirt and kids t shirt as well. Round neck t shit is the most selling t shirt design around the world. You can add t shirt printing, embroidery and various types washing which will comes up with creative design and help to increase t shirt sales.

V neck t shirts: Second popular style on t shirt design is V neck t shirt. It gives a casual t shirt design to everyone.Perfect summer collar style of t shirt design.V neck t shirts design is very popular to young generation. This V neck t shirt always give a slimmer look to everyone. Most suitable as Ladies t shirt and men t shirt as well.     

Henley t shirt: This type of t shirt also known as Y neck t shirt as well. Its a round neck t shirt with button and placket will give a manly look. Henley t shirt is most suitable for men. If you think of a narrow market of t shirt segment then think of henley t shirt design. Ban collar style also part of it Jersey t shirt design. This collar style comes from ban collar style shirt.     

Polo shirt design : Most formal t shirt design for men. Many of company use this collar t shirt for their employee as well. You can add your company logo with it for any type of event marketing. Formal and comfortable item which is suitable for men.Basically we use PK fabrics , Knit fabrics or Jersey fabrics to develop this polo shirt design.This can be half sleeve or full sleeve as well. Many company prefer low quality and price for their event marketing. You can add stripe print , pocket and embroidery with final look of polo shirt design. Shirt collar, Placket and button will give a perfect formal look of polo shirt. Men and women can use this polo shirt style as well.

Solid polo shirt , Stripe polo shirt, Printed polo shirt, polo shirt with company logo embroidery and color combination polo shirt design are the common type polo shirt design of t shirt segment. Various type of polo shirt has a good demand on market where its easy to develop a unique position on polo shirt market with a smart and classy polo shirt design. To increase sales of polo shirt design , you need to think of trendy polo shirt design like half sleeve polo shirt on summer and full sleeve on winter season.     

Scoop neck t shirt : Its a form of Big round neck t shirt and V neck t shirts. Its give a metro sexual look of men and women both. Its perfect as ladies t shirt design. Most funky and casual look comes with this Scoop neck t shirt. Solid style of  scoop neck t shirt is commonly use by many people or you can add any type of print and embroidery with it.

T shirt sleeves types : Season and sleeve of t shirt has e intern link like sleeveless t shirt for summer item. This type sleeveless t shirt also known as men tank top. This type of men tank top is very famous as summer item. You can add various type of print with men tank top to increase high sales. Another way , t shirt hoodie long sleeve are very popular item on winter also you can think hoodies for men. Hoodies are suitable for both men and women. This type of unisex product will help to select mass target market. High selling hoodies design is hoodies champion. Its easy to make champion hoodie at cheap rate . You can select common hoodies for men design which will help to increase high sales. To select narrow target market hoodies for women or hoodies for girls where you can create a variation on print. Create a suitable print on hoodies for girls or hoodies for women.Most common t shirt sleeves types are sleeveless t shirt, half length sleeve t shirt, full Sleeve t shirt  and raglan sleeve t shirt. 

Sleeveless t shirts: This type of t shirt is known as tank tops. A perfect summer sleeves less t shirts item for men and women. Now days tank tops for men has high demand rather than tank tops for women. If you concern of high sales then go tank tops for men. As a hot summer item you can develop sleeveless hoodies with lower gsm fabrics and also add a attractive print with it.  

i) Tank tops for men: This type of sleeveless t shirts will used for workout. Most of men use this tank tops in workout time. Super easy to use and highly comfortable sleeveless t shirts item. It is also know as sports t shirt. You can attractive printing design with this tank top target customers. There are various neck opening design tank tops for men. Slim fit design, round neck t shirt design, baggy style and gym sleeveless t shirt design are common tank tops for men.   

ii) Tank tops for women: Sleeveless t shirts has two design where one type tank tops for men and another tank tops for women. Tank tops design depend on neck opening. Round neck t shirt design, U shape neck , Big U shape neck or crop style tank tops for women is very popular tank tops item. Tank tops are most usable garments for workout because of easy to use and comfort. Knit fabrics are highly preferable for tank tops where people use around 110 gsm to 150 gsm. You can add creative t shirt printing for higher sales of women tank tops. Solid multi color tank tops has a good selling market on summer.        

Half length sleeve t shirt : Another popular item of men and women is half sleeve t shirts. In this half sleeve t shirts segment you can select plain white t shirts. Many people like plain white t shirts. So half sleeve t shirts are most comfortable and ready to use any time.For plain white t shirts, you dont even need to add any type or print and embroidery. People need quality fabrics and sewing for plain white t shirts. Round neck half sleeve t shirt has a very good market with multi color. T shirt design remain same and color will vary like plain white t shirts, Black , Navy blue, Sky blue,gray, maroon,green,yellow or cream. Color will vary to light and deep color also.Light color preferred by aged people and deep color preferred by young people. I also prefer plain white t shirt as my inner item.     

Full Sleeve t shirt: As winter item, full sleeve t shirt has a good demand. If you want to work with seasonal t shirt segment.In this segment, full sleeve t shirt has higher and lower Gsm fabrics type. Usually we use 130 GSM to 300 GSM fabrics for full sleeve t shirt. Full sleeve sweat t shirt has a high demand as winter t shirt. Full sleeve sweat t shirt Gsm start from 180 gsm to 350 Gsm. People use sweat t shirt as inner item in heavy winter season. Terry fleece fabrics comes with inside brush where it provide 100% protection in winter. Sweat t shirt will help to boost your sale on winter.    

Raglan sleeve T shirt: Its a full sleeve t shirt design covered from shoulder to full arms. Mainly this sleeve style comes from base ball player t shirt. Two different color will use to develop this type to t shirt design. Suppose Red color is for front and back body part and black color is for shoulder to arms part. With raglan sleeve t shirt, you can add pocket, print or embroidery. Raglan sleeve t shirt is suitable for men and women.Unique sleeve design and high demand in market as well.   

T shirt Style : Here is a list of most common t shirt style and pattern which will help to select a good selling market of t shirt design. With the selection of perfect style, you can create a good selling position in t shirt market.For that you must have a clear idea of trend and season.   

Slim fit

Baggy style

Muscle fit

Pocket Style

Graphics style

Plain T shirt

Hoodie Style

Plain T shirt: It means solid t shirt with out printing. Plain white t shirt has a high demand on market where can add print after sewing. If you think about t shirt on demand printing where its easy to add any print with a small t shirt printing machine.With the help of photo shop, add any design with plain white t shirt. This is a very popular concept now days on t shirt selling market.

Print on demand means where you add your customer required print after order. For that you need a supply of plain white t shirt. With the help of t shirt printing machine , can add desire print any time you want. So that you don’t need to mange big stock or go for high risk. You just need to a good stock of plain white t shirt where you will add print after order. We prefer multi color round neck t shirt or V neck t shirt where you will add custom print as your customer demand. In this segment you can to add high density print, pigment print and all over sublimation t shirt printing.        

Hoodies for men : Now days hoodie for summer has a high demand on market. Where we use very low gsm knit fabrics like 110 gsm to 160 gsm. Lower gsm knit fabrics are perfect hoodies for summer. Hoodies for women and hoodies for girls has also high demand in market. Although hoodies are perfect for winter but young people like this style on summer. Solid and printed hoodies are most preferable by customer. Higher gsm hoodies are suitable for winter and lower gsm for summer. If you are looking for hoodies manufacturer then feel free to contact us. We export all type of hoodies all over the world. Quality fabrics, Right GSM and smart color of hoodies will help to increase summer sales. Lower gsm hoodies for men is a trendy summer item.  We provide 100% export quality hoodies for men. So feel free to ask any  suggestion or question to us.   

Hoodies for Women: Crop style hoodies for women has a good demand on market in winter season. Many of women like this crop style hoodie in winter more than regular style hoodie. Long hoodies women are also another stylish hoodies for women. Women use long hoodies in heavy winter.Crop hoodies for girls and long hoodies women are high demand in winter season. As a seasonal product hoodies for women are best garments for selling. we always care for sewing of full hoodies like head cover part, adding cuff and hoodie rib. to understand market trend, you can check champion hoodies women where you will find different color hoodies. Champion hoodies women are the high demand hoodies in market now. So you can get a clear idea from  champion hoodies women.   

Ladies long tops: For any type of ladies long tops design, we prefer knit and woven fabrics as well. Ladies long tops are a high demand product on summer and winter. Summer ladies long tops comes with half sleeve and lower gsm knit or woven fabrics. Rather than winter ladies long tops has higher gsm knit or woven fabrics with long sleeve. We use printed cotton fabrics to develop ladies long tops. Many of women want a good shape ladies long tops. For them knit fabrics are perfect. All we know knit fabrics are stretch, flexible and comfortable. In this segment of ladies long tops, you will find very low competition in terms variation of design.              

Quality Control: We always show our professionalism here. We evaluate sewing ,Printing, Embroidery and wash factory for our customer. We always provide you real time update through wifi cc Camera.We will provide you live upgrade of your work process of t shirt printing project. We ensure you 100% export quality t shirt .Here is a small list of our QC process:

1. Fabrics QC

2. Cutting Parts QC

3. Sewing QC

4. Accessories QC

5. After Print/Embroidery/Wash QC

6. Final Garments QC

7. Factory Environment and Safety

We check every single parts and process of your work and provide you every single update before processing any task of your production. We work as our customer’s agent. Our focus always to help in every process of T shirt production process. Its a win-win situation both of us. We always concern of your higher sales growth. If your sales will high then you can process your next order frequently. So feel free to share any information, Question and suggestion contact at [email protected] or whats app  +8801624120551.  

Stocklot Requirement

Stock lot: It means surplus t shirt or any garments item. Shipment cancel, Surplus t shirt and leftover garments are known as stock lot item. Stock lot is a very good segment of investment. Suppose think of a garments factory, Where they produce lots of t shirt item whole year. In this production process, they produce many of sample and surplus t shirt or garments item to recover their overhead cost.End of the year, they try to clear their stock to save their factory space. In that situation, they make a big lot of t shirt item. Where you will find mixed style like printed and solid style t shirt and also many more items.Stock lot t shirt comes with very attractive price . Where you will get a highest price benefit of investment. We also source this type of quality stock with 100% export quality for you. So if you have any question regards stock lot t shirt ,feel free to contact us [email protected] or whats app 01624120551                


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