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Apparel manufacturers help you with apparel production service which is known as garment production service.  In short apparel manufacturers are converted fabric to garments. It is easy to find many apparel manufacturers in the online marketplace. You can find apparel manufacturers through Google search, Yellow pages, or social media sites like LinkedIn. Ultimostore is apparel Manufacturers Company from Bangladesh, Asia. As all, we know when ready-made garments are manufactured from a factory, it is also known as apparel production. We are interested to help you with your apparel manufacturing business. We will work as your supplier of apparel manufacturers or ready-made garments production.

We are ready to help our customers to develop their desire garments or apparel products as per requirement. Our priority is to develop its design and quality at a competitive price. It’s also very important to us that our customers can create a good business position in their market place. It means we like to support the growth of your garments business. We believe it’s a win-win situation for both so that we create a comfortable business environment for both of us. Always feel free to communicate with us any of your problems; our customer manager will try to provide you the best solution for you. Now you can easily develop your apparel business by following these steps.

1. Sampling/ Pattern Make5. Printing & Embroidery9. Quality Control
2. Costing6. Sewing or Stitching10. Finishing
3. Production Planning7. Thread trimming11. Packing and folding
4. Cutting8. Washing12. Shipment / Delivery
  1. Sample Making & Development – Pattern Development and Sample Approve

For developing a perfect sample, you can send us your product picture and size measurement. Or you can provide a physical sample to us. After getting your garments/Product sample, we need to check fabrics types, weight, quality, measurement and sewing style. With your complete instruction, we start to develop product sample. Then we will send this garments/product sample to your address or you can visit our office to check this sample. After receiving your garments sample, you have to check fabrics quality, measurement and sewing. It means you need to check overall quality of garments item before final production. Please feel free to share your comments or any suggestion to develop of that sample again. It’s most important to complete a perfect sample before final production of readymade garments or products. If your product sample is fine, then we will established a size wise grading sample like Xs, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. 

2. Garments Costing and Budget – After developing a complete sample, you can request for product or garments costing. We need some of additional information like fabrics gsm, accessories list, products and garments quantity and packaging instruction. Some of basic expense is raw materials, labors and overheads. Our merchandiser will submit FOB price to you. It helps to make a final budget for your apparel business. You can request for RFQ (Request for Quote).

3. Production Planning and Organize – Once confirming your order, we make a list of raw materials which required to process for complete production of garments. Fabrics, sewing threads, packing materials, main label, care label, hang tags and other accessories are the main raw materials to develop final garments. Now we will make a schedule of cutting fabrics, pre – production sample (Size grading sample like S,M,L,Xl), sewing, finishing, final inspection and shipment date.

4. Fabrics Cutting – We make layers of fabric above the cutting table with necessary length. Our cutting master will draw or mark a shape around the cutting parts of pattern. Here he includes all size grading cutting parts or components. Example of T-shirt, Front body parts and back side parts are isolating with size grading like (S,M,L,Xl ) cutting parts. Then we added size and parts wise numbering and bundling specific parts for specific sizes.

5. Printing, Embroidery – Printing is used to decorate garments/apparel item. Commonly brands are using their company logo, design or text to body parts, back parts, Sleeve parts or all over printing. Popular print method on garments is screen Print, Hi-Density print, photo print, sublimation print, block print and many more. Embroidery is another segment when decorating garments products. This technique mostly used on back side of denim pant, panjabi, polo shirt and jacket.

6. Garments Sewing or Stitching – In this section, cutting parts are convert on 2D shape to 3D shape. We provide all size wise cutting parts to our operator. They are highly skilled to make stitched of garments with the help of sewing threads and sewing marching.  They follow the exact sewing style from sample garments. We have dedicated supervisor for check and guide them.

7. Thread trimming from garments – Completing the stitching or sewing, it’s time to trim those extra threads from garments. We use extra labor to develop decoration of inside garments. Trimming or cleaning loose thread is a basic requirement of Apparel production.  

8. Washing care – After complete from sewing and trimming section, products or garments will send to washing section. As you know, there are various types of wash are performing now. We follow your washing requirements. Some of fabrics will shrink or stretch after wash. We will provide that before and after wash measurement of that garments in the very beginning.

9. Quality Control- We maintains quality assurance (QA) in before every steps of apparel production. This process help to develop export quality garments items.     

  • Fabrics QC
  • Cutting Parts QC
  • Sewing QC
  • Accessories QC
  • Printing/Embroidery/Wash QC
  • Final Garments QC/Final inspection

 10. Finishing – Iron, Accessories Attachment – Final quality checks of garments measurement, sewing style, spotting or any type fault. Then isolate those items from perfect one. Ironing is also part of it. Through this way we able to maintain 100% export quality oriented garments/goods.

11. Packing and folding: – Quality pass products or garments go for folding with tissue or card board. Folding types depends on buyer requirements. Price tag, Hang tag or brand tag will attach with the label or as per instruction. Now this complete garments will packed into poly bag. After finished this task, quality controller will check entire quality randomly to ensure again about quality of garments or goods.

12. Shipment / Delivery – When completing packaging of garments or goods, now it is ready for shipment. It’s our duty to provide 100% export quality garments at your door steps.

13, Other Processes – There are many of value added services like print, embroidery, garments dyeing and washing. You can add this type of value added services to garments.


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