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We support our buyers to develop their desire garments products as per requirement. Our priority is to develop their design and quality with competitive price. It’s also very important to us that our honorable customers can create a good business position in their market place. It means we like to support for growth of your garments business. We believe it’s a win –win situation for both of us so that we create a comfortable business environment for both of us. Always feel free to communicate with us any of your problems; our customer manager will try to provide you a best solution for you.  

Fabrics and accessories:

Printing, Embroidery and Wash:

Cutting, Sewing and Finishing:

Stock Lot Sourcing:

Short Quantity Product Support – B2B

Short and Long Quantity

Ultimostore organize this program for new entrepreneur. At first step they get problem to develop their own design and quality. So that they fail to collect their product and facing common problem before start their business.

If you are thinking about starting your creative Showroom, Online shop website or Work as Amazon vendor then we are ready to supply you short quantity garments as per your requirement in terms of Quality, Size measurement (xS , S, M, L, Xl, XXL, XXl).

Working Process:

Step 1 : Design & Development – At First we will develop sample as per your requirement , for that you need to provide picture and measurement .

Step 2 : We will send your sample through courier DHL or FEDEX.

Step 3 : Now you can give your comments for product development.

Step 4 : It’s time to go for production your Design.

Step 5 : Shipment – You will receive your product to your address.

Product Type : Shirt, Pant, Tshirt, Hoodies ,Polo shirt, Leggings ,Jacket ,Tank top and Cap and Kids Item.


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